Focus on Pronunciation – 消える「and」

前回の消える「H」に引き続き、市民講座「FOCUS ON ENGLISH PRONUNCIATION」より。教科書はこちら。お薦めです。

Clear Speech: Pronunciation And Listening Comprehension In North American English; Student's Book (Clear Speech)


De-emphasizing structure words: Reduced "and"

The structure word "and" is de-emphasized by reducing it to /ən/. The vowel sound is reduced to schwa, and the letter –d– is silent. The schwa sound in "and" is also linked to the final sound of the word that comes before it.

When "and" is reduced, the word before it and the word after it are eisier to notice.

最後の一文にご注目。「X and Y」の「and」をreduceした方が、XとYの関係が判りやすいと。reduceする際に多用される/ə/(schwa sound)についてはまた別の項で触れるとして、実例をどうぞ。

  • Cream and sugar > Creamən sugar
  • Men and women > Menən women
  • Rock and roll > Rockən roll
  • Cats and dogs > Catsən dogs
  • Sandwich and coffee > Sandwichən coffee
  • Big and little > Bigən little
  • Table and chairs > Tablən chairs
  • Knives and forks > Knivesən forks
  • Bread and butter > Breadən butter
  • Hamburgers and fries > Hamburgerən fries
  • Salt and pepper > Saltən pepper
  • Boys and girls > Boysən girls


November 10, 2006