スタンフォード大学はタイガー・ウッズやジョン・マッケンローなど著名なスポーツ選手が在学していたことが知られていますが、今度は高校生プロゴルファーのMichelle Wieが来年の秋からStanfordの学生になるとのこと。

Michelle Wie celebrated her first victory of the year -- she got accepted to Stanford.

– The Mercury News


Single-Choice Early Action admission programという仕組みで4644人の出願者から選ばれた750人の内の一人のようです(via – Stanford Report)。(ちなみに一般入試は1750人の枠に22000人以上の出願者とのこと。)

She did not know what she would study, narrowing it down to business, economics or marketing. Wie will not be eligible to play NCAA golf.

Told that Tiger Woods lasted only two years at Stanford before he turned pro, she said, ''Hopefully, I'll last a little longer.''

– The Mercury News


Wie's grandfather, an aunt and an uncle went to Stanford, and that was her first choice all along.

Her father, B.J. Wie, is a professor at the University of Hawaii.

– The Mercury News

December 20, 2006