An amazing synergy between Christine Walevska and Akimi Fukuhara

Christine Walevska Japan Tour 2010 Finale

An amazing synergy between Christine Walevska (cello) and Akimi Fukuhara (piano) successfully delivered the bold message Christine Walevska brought to Concert Tour in Japan 2010. The duo was filled with the sense of trust. It sounded they had been playing together for a long time, but later I knew actually they had played only once in April 2010, and N.Y. based young Akimi Fukuhara made a hasty flight to Tokyo just few days ago as substitute.

Why this “engagement”, one of the Walevska’s favorite words, could be happen? I think because Akimi Fukuhara is not only talented to express through piano, but also the most enthusiastic listener to Walevska’s message at that moment.

The message synergistically generated by two great players can be expressed only by music, not by words. But the warm and a little bit dense feeling would remain forever at our heart.








June 12, 2010