Surgical adhesions in mice are derived from mesothelial cells and can be targeted by antibodies against mesothelial markers.

Tsai JM, Sinha R, Seita J, Fernhoff N, Christ S, Koopmans T, Krampitz GW, McKenna KM, Xing L, Sandholzer M, Sales JH, Shoham M, McCracken M, Joubert LM, Gordon SR, Poux N, Wernig G, Norton JA, Weissman IL, Rinkevich Y.

Sci Transl Med.

2018 Nov 28;10(469).

PMID: 30487249

Year 2017 2018 2019
Times Cited 0 6
2-year Impact Factor 16.761 16.710 17.200
5-year Impact Factor

Light yellow : Journal's impact factor was outperformed by the citation of the paper.


November 28, 2018

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